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What I Offer

I offer you my expertise and experience as a qualified Gestalt Therapist, having practised since 2001 and trained in both Person Centred and Gestalt therapy. I believe that we all carry the solutions to our own problems and for each of us that involves a unique journey.


Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt psychotherapy is a wonderfully relational, embodied, creative approach to therapy, which holds that each of us is only explainable in relation to the environment in which we live and are part of. How we behave from moment to moment depends on our constantly changing environmental conditions. When we get stuck, it's usually because certain contact with our environment has become stereotyped and we've stopped adapting to the changing conditions.


Working together

Whether you work with me as an individual or as a couple, our work together is to develop awareness of yourself in relation - your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviours in different situations - and to gain greater acceptance of yourself. We will explore how you have become stuck in particular areas of your life. You will gain a greater understanding of how you can support yourself better to experiment with doing things differently and take greater responsibility for your life. Throughout I will offer you my support when you feel vulnerable and my challenge when it might be useful for you to consider a different option. Together we can learn how you can increase your choices about how you live life creatively and relate more fully to others.


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